About us

OTTOMAN-previously well known as GUMUSSUYU-has been the leading floorings company in Azerbaijan since 1997 and constantly expanding its product ranges holding the largest stocks and staff in the country.

Our company exclusively cooperates with many well known manufacturers of Turkey, Germany, France, Belgium, Holland, U.S.A, Italy, G.B, Portugal, U.A.E, etc.

Our products ranges are wooden and steel doors, wall papers, wall to wall carpet, carpet tile, artificial grass, deck, engineered parquet, solid parquet, laminated flooring, raised floor, vinyl flooring, rubber flooring, rugs, runners, skins, furs, skin carpets, skin throws, home textile, home accessories, door mats, carpet underlays, floorings adhesives, floorings accessories.

Since 1997, we have accomplished countless number of remarkable projects for hotels, conference centers, cinemas, hospitals, shops, business centers, offices, residences, villas, homes, schools, etc.

OTTOMAN is always aiming to protect its position as the leader in the high quality floorings, interiors and exteriors sector by constantly expanding its ranges, stocks and service net.